About Us

Safe-T-Mailers (a registered trademark) were invented by the legendary coin and silver dealer Sam Sloat in the mid 1960's. With a growing mail-order business Sam found that sending coins through the mail could be a very iffy prospect. Objects that had an obvious 'interesting' feel often never quite made it to the recipients. Protecting the integrity of the objects was also a concern, padding and making the coins secure in the envelope were essential, but also time consuming. So Sam called on his engineering background (Syracuse University, 1934?) to design and produce this most prosaic looking item, the Safe-T-Mailer, that was invaluable in the growth of his business.

The unique design of the Safe-T-Mailer, the pre-scored, open corrugated, cardboard sheet that seals with a special adhesive that sticks to itself but nothing else, was patented in 1968. Since then they have been used millions of times by coin dealers, jewellers, watchmakers, plumbers, computer parts manufacturers, charitable organizations and some of the most prominent auction houses around the world.

Today, Safe-T-Mailer Inc. remains a small, Sloat-family owned and operated business. Our headquarters are in Dumbo, Brooklyn, coincidently in a factory building built by Robert Gair, the inventor of the corrugated cardboard box.